Our Top 5 YouTube Videos in 2021

One word comes to mind when thinking about our YouTube channel – productive. It became clear, during these historically atypical times, that you (our audience) wanted more “On Demand” content from us. We’ve strived to meet your needs, and we hope you’ve found our videos to be useful. In case you missed it, here’s our top five videos from 2021.


1)  The Factors of Investment ReturnsFactor_video_tn

Factor investing offers the potential for higher returns over time or reduced risk. Watch this animated video to learn how factor investing works and how it can potentially benefit your portfolio.


2)  The Power of Timepower_of_time_tn

See how markets have historically rewarded: patience, diversification, and tilting towards factors of return. It’s just a matter of…time.



3)  We Risewe_rise_video_tn

At the start of the COVID-19 we firmly believed that markets and economies would come back, powered by human resilience and innovation. It would seem this belief was well-founded.


4)  The World’s Worst Market Timerworst_market_timer_tn

Timing the market rarely works out for individual investors. Watch this brief video to learn why patience and staying invested can make all the difference.



5)  Invested in Your Goalsinvested_in_your_goals_video_tn

Watch this brief video to learn about our investment philosophy, and our best-of-breed solutions.



Be sure to check out our YouTube channel throughout the year for the latest in Symmetry updates, critical investment topics, and other content that is built to address your most pressing questions. Be sure subscribe! We hope to see you there.



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