Making the Most of YouTube! 10 Reasons to Use YouTube for Your Business


Within financial services, the challenge of connecting with existing and potential clients can be daunting at times. Over the last ten years, a number of successful Financial Advisors have used YouTube to nurture leads and educate existing clients. Here are ten reasons to consider using YouTube in your business.

1.Video marketing can be a strong lead generation tool

According to a survey conducted by Optinmonster, a lead generation and marketing company, businesses that integrate videos into their marketing strategies received 66% more qualified leads per year. Additionally, 93% of marketers said they landed a new customer thanks to videos on social media.[1] In an industry that leans heavily on referrals for new business, the ability to attract clients online is certainly helpful.

2.Many investors would rather watch a video than read a white paper

As with any marketing piece, context matters. In those instances where clients have specific questions, a thorough (and well-written) white paper is the way to go. But according to a 2021 Marketing Report from Hubspot, four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it.[2]

3. YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world

In fact, it’s second to only one other search engine, Google (YouTube’s parent company).[3] With 2 billion users, YouTube has become one of the premier channels to reach clients. [4] It should be no surprise that more than half of Advisors now use YouTube for business.[5]

4. YouTube has become a primary source of online education and entertainment for most Advisor’s critical demographics

Many Advisors focus on investors in their fifties and sixties. As of 2019, 58% of Americans over 56 use YouTube, and it is the 2nd most used social media platform (Facebook is 1st) for people 50 years and older.[6] Clearly, this is where many potential clients are spending significant time.

5. It’s simple to create a YouTube video with technology you use every day

In truth, creating a video is only as complicated as you want it to be. For most Financial Advisors, using the webcam that’s already in your laptop should be sufficient. The same Zoom software that you’ve been using to hold meetings for the last 18 months can be used to record original content. You can also use your iPhone (or iPad) if you want to record content while you’re out in the world. It’s called mobile for a reason. Take your phone and shoot your videos wherever you like.

6. YouTube offers a comprehensive suite of data, so you can see who’s watching

YouTube’s analytics section provides stunning detail about your audience, how they found your video, and what they choose to do with it. Specifically, you can find the geographic location(s) of your audience, their gender, their age, how long they watched your content, whether they shared your video, where they shared it, how they found your video, and if they chose to “like” it. We can’t promise that you’ll become a nationally recognized YouTube influencer with millions of views. But you’ll be able to ascertain who your audience is and what content they most prefer to engage with.

7. You can make videos to directly address clients’ interests

First and foremost, consider creating an overview video about your business and the services you provide. According to a 2019 survey, approximately 48% of viewers want videos to reflect the specific products and services that interest them.[7] In other words, one out of every two viewers would prefer to get a sense of what you offer by watching a video. It’s a great opportunity to establish your value for potential customers.

The second type of video you should consider is an “Explainer Video.” These “explainers” can serve to both a) establish your investing and planning expertise and b) encourage client engagement via e-mail. Educating clients can, over time, help you retain clients by keeping them abreast of key financial concepts (as well as helping them stay invested during rocky markets).

8. Free hosting for past webinars

If you regularly conduct online webinars, YouTube is a great way to host and distribute recordings of your presentations to those who could not attend. As we all know, it’s rare for a webinar presentation to attract 100% of its registrants. Many clients or potential clients, sign up to get the recording.

9. You can make e-mail campaigns more engaging

According to a recent study, e-mails that include videos enjoyed a 19% open rate increase.[8] Several studies have found that videos in emails can be very useful in helping prospective clients decide to work with you. And per Reason #2, many people prefer to watch a video vs. reading content.

10. Your social media will be more engaging

If you’re going to put the effort into making a video, you should get the most out of it. YouTube videos are a great way to capitalize on the potential of social media and they are often the most interacted with type of social media posting. According to the Putnam Social Advisor Survey (2019), 92% of advisors stated that social media helped them gain new clients. This same survey found that the average asset gain from social media was approximately $1.4M ($500,000 median).[9]

Over the course of the past 18+ months, digital forms of communication have transitioned from being preferrable to being essential. As the world’s most popular platform for video content, YouTube offers significant potential for financial advisors to generate leads, educate clients, and grow their businesses. It takes work to get it right, and you won’t see results overnight, but it is a platform that Advisors—increasingly—cannot afford to ignore.


Please be advised that this information is for educational and background use only. All data is from sources believed to be reliable but cannot be guaranteed or warranted. Please note that nothing stated here is intended to be Compliance or Legal advice regarding your use of Social Media or any Marketing Program. As such, any questions regarding the use of Social Media and Digital Marketing should be directed to your Compliance Department or Outside Counsel.






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